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Fibromyalgia Client Story: Ann*’s Cryo Kansas Story

Ann is a busy mom of 4 who enjoys pilates, painting, and used to play tennis before she became sick. With a complex combo of Graves’ Disease, bouts of Bell’s Palsy, and Fibromyalgia, Ann struggles with maintaining normal energy levels, pain & swelling in various areas of her body, and functioning in every day life activities (such as exercise) while worrying about potential “flare ups”.  Because of this, she has tried many different approaches: physical therapy, dieting and supplements, foam rollers, professional grade cervical traction unit for home use, infrared, mud wraps, massage balls, arthritis gloves, shoe inserts, and weekly 2 hour massages. Nothing seemed to provide long-term effects, and most things were both time consuming and expensive.

Ann first heard about Cryotherapy from her sister in Chicago. Cryotherapy chambers are a growing technology there and they both discussed how it may be a useful aid in her various ailments. When Ann first tried the Cryotherapy Chamber, she was initially skeptical – after her first session, she didn’t get the boost of energy she was hoping for. However, after her 3rd visit she began to see some benefits such as decreases in jaw pain induced by exercise.

With the Normatec Compression Therapy, Ann felt improvements in both her hands and feet (which are constantly aching and swollen). After several Normatec sessions Ann has reported the following results: being able to wear heels again without too much pain, decreases in swelling in hands & feet, more pain-free mobility, and knee pain relief.

Spot Treatments: Ann had a lot of pain in her shoulders and neck, she came in to try a spot treatment and that helped take the edge off the pain.

CryoFacial: Ann also has severe allergies and chronic jaw pain. With the facials, Ann experienced pain relief in her jaw and behind her ears within the first few hours of the CryoFacial. Additionally, Ann reported decreases in congestion for 3 days after the treatment.

Ann is still experimenting with what specific Cryo plan works best for her and what frequency is the “magic number”, but overall she is grateful to have some pain free days after suffering with daily chronic pain for 3 years. Furthermore, she believes that the improvements in her hands, feet, and jaw alone are worth the sessions.

Favorite Thing: How quick it is! The Cryo Session and Facials are done in 10 mins or less (3 mins for the Cryo Chamber). Normatec takes about 20-30 minutes and is Ann’s time to relax and listen to her meditation audio.

Least Favorite Thing: The Normatec Arm sleeves don’t fully encapsulate the upper back and shoulder area. If Ann could change one thing, it would be to have more neck, back, and shoulder coverage during the Normatec Compression therapy.


*We have removed names to protect her privacy (we replaced her real name with Ann), but she still wanted to share her story in hopes that others may relate and learn from her experience. The views in this content are represented by Ann* and not representative of Cryo Kansas opinions or views.

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